Lifetime Updates Policy


Does EVERY Product have Lifetime Updates?

NO. We only offer Lifetime Updates to our "LIFETIME COURSES" which clearly state on the page "With Lifetime Updates."

These are the ONLY products that Ground Control makes where we offer Lifetime Updates. Why? Because we've designed these courses from the ground up to be updatable. Our other training courses aren't as easy to update, or may have other factors the complicate that kind of thing.

Can I exchange a lifetime course for another course?

NO. Sorry, each LIFETIME COURSE that you buy unlocks updates to ONLY that course. That means if you get "Introduction to DaVinci Resolve" you CAN'T swap it out for "Pro Color Grading in DaVinci Resolve" or any other course.

Does buying a LIFETIME COURSE allow free access to ALL Ground Control Courses?

NOPE. It's ONLY the course you purchased and any updates to that SPECIFIC course. That means if we have an update to "Intro to DaVinci Resolve" in 2 years, you get it for FREE. But you DON'T get the color course or an End-to-End course for FREE.

What is an "UPDATE?"

An "Update" in this context means if we add or change any content to the specific course you purchased.

AN UPDATE: Most of the material is recorded in Resolve 17, then in a while Resolve 18 comes out, so we record a few lessons outlining the differences and add them to the course. You get those for free.

AN UPDATE: A new, and very different, version of Resolve is released, so we record ALL NEW lessons for this course, covering similar topics with the new interface and tools. You get those for free.

NOT AN UPDATE: We make a new course that covers mostly different topics than this course, or for a different audience, like Advanced vs beginners. This would be a separate course, and you DON'T get it for free.

I bought "Introduction to Resolve 17" a while ago... do I get FREE UPDATES?

YES! IF you've ever purchased "Introduction to Resolve 17" we are RETROACTIVELY unlocking updates for future versions, now named "Introduction to DaVinci Resolve." If you don't have access already, email us at [email protected]

I bought ______ Course... can I have a discount to a Lifetime Updates Course?

No. Sorry, all of our courses are separate and do not cross-upgrade. They all need to be purchased separately unless specifically included in a bundle at the time of purchase.