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DaVinci Resolve for iPad - The Ultimate Guide

Unlock the creative potential of Resolve on iPad!

  • Learn the basics of video editing DaVinci Resolve for iPad
  • 4+ hours of in-depth Resolve training

  • Use your iPad to color grade and match shots

  • Discover professional techniques to make amazing videos!

Unlock the creative potential of Resolve on iPad!

DAVINCI RESOLVE FOR IPAD - THE ULTIMATE GUIDE was designed from the ground up to help you make amazing videos on your iPad!

It’s all the need-to-know iPad editing and color grading wisdom, explained in plain language, so you can create without limits.

We’ll explore the best way to edit a story from untouched footage, how to adjust audio, add effects, titles, transitions, and finally color grade your project to look beautiful!

Starting with the basics and building as lessons progress, this course is great even for the most basic of beginners!

The teaching methods in this class have unlocked the creativity of thousands of students around the world.

If you want to edit and color grade in DaVinci Resolve on your iPad, THIS IS A MUST-HAVE COURSE.