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Have learned DaVinci Resolve from our videos and courses!


Learn Big Concepts so You Can Make Your OWN Animations.

Don't just learn HOW to move a slider or hit a button on the interface!  Our course will help you understand WHY and WHEN to use the most important concepts and techniques in your work.

Work On Practical Examples To See How To Apply Your Knowledge

Everything we cover in the course will be applied to an example project.  That means that you can see the concepts you're learning in a real-world situation, and cements them in your brain. 

Follow Along With the Instructor To Learn Deeply

Take your new knowledge and try it out on your own by downloading the SAME ASSETS as the instructor uses in the course.  Follow the steps and see that animation isn't just for the professionals, but for you too!

Animation can seem like a magic art...

reserved only for professional animators and alumni of animation school. 

It seems so complex that you may feel like you'll NEVER be able to do it. 

You may have given up trying to animate your shots out of fear of messing up your video. 

So, you settle for plain old static elements in your videos, which comes off as just... boring.   

But, it's too hard to learn, so what else do you do? 

^ No movement... (not very interesting, right?) ^

But... imagine creating professional animations that impress your viewers!

Adding movement to logos to excite your clients, and making custom motion graphics that bring your videos to another level! 

It's all possible, and actually EASY if you understand just ONE concept... KEYFRAMES.

That's why we've broken down EVERYTHING you need to know about animating with Keyframes in one easy to understand course! 

Start creating your own impressive animations following our simple and proven system designed to make animation easy and fun! 


‚úÖ Make dynamic and professional animations with keyframes.

✅ Easily navigate the keyframe interface without confusion.

✅ Animate movement of elements on screen to add life to your videos.

‚úÖ Change ANY property over time to create dynamic effects that stand out.

✅ Adjust existing animations in your own projects or from templates.

✅ Refine your animations with our simple guide to easing keyframes.

Wall of Love

Our courses and Youtube videos have unlocked new abilities for MILLIONS OF RESOLVE EDITORS
Here are some of their kind words...

 Before I watched this course my level of experience with Resolve was knowing how to import media. That's it. I think it's pretty great that I can follow along with Casey, even though I don't know all the basic things about Resolve, or even know what an "inspector" is, and still come out being able to animate a cartoon image and text. Pretty dang cool!

- Alexa

My experience prior to the course: Minimal experience, I had used keyframing on a few occasions to make a flashing spoiler alert text on one of my videos, and used keyframes to change the opacity of an image over time. I generally knew what it was, but didn‚Äôt totally understand the concept and know any tips/tricks and didn‚Äôt know about using them in fusion. My experience after the course: I learned a lot from the course, such as only needing two keyframes if you‚Äôre just trying to do a very simple animation (like fading something into the background), how to use the keyframes track on the timeline, how to move between keyframes, how to reset keyframes, how to use ‚Äúeasing‚ÄĚ, and how to use keyframes in fusion.

- @GeekEKitten

This course is definitely geared toward beginners, but also its consolidated nature would be highly beneficial to people with experience coming over from after effects wanting to know how to do the things they used to. By the end of it you'll have all the tools you need to create a simple logo reveal animation to jump off and start exploring the deep end of the pond. Paired with the FZH course, students will have every fundamental they need to make a composition, sing and dance, or make the next viral dog meme.

- Greg

 As a kid, my grandfather used to call me up and say, "Son, the power went out and the VCR is flashing 12s again. Stop by and fix it for me if ya will next time you're over this way." I remember thinking,"it's two buttons pop." I now understand why he didn't want to learn what two buttons it was! Later in life, it's just that way! I had a strong desire to bring the world along on our adventures and wanted it to look somewhat professional. I really don't think I could have made it happen without Casey's videos! A million thanks!!

- @PSBEAdventures

Casey is clear, concise and covers all of the areas you need but with humour in places which makes his videos so easy to watch. I am already confident in less than a week by watching the complete set of Davinci Resolve videos, if that isn’t testament to his abilities, I don’t know what is!

- @PaulGamer3364

Casey is the first person I go to for anything Davinci Resolve. He is funny, visual (I am a visual learner), and he gets right to the point in every video. I have learned so much from his tutorials and I send everyone I know who is using Resolve to his channel. Thanks Casey!

- @vincenzofrattarola6205

I went from Windows Movie Maker Live to DaVinci Resolve and I'm very appreciative of your helpful AND easy to follow instructional videos! MEGA THANK YOU sir!!!

- @MyStutteringLife

Casey is an incredible gift to editors who are visual learners like us. Coming from Premiere, the Resolve tutorials got us up an running, and more crucially showed us HOW to achieve certain editorial tasks even FASTER on Resolve compared to Premiere. Can't recommend Casey's channel enough! -Howard & Katelyn

- @NewstateNomads

Even if you are 5 years baby, you’ll understand when Casey is teaching about Davinchi Resolve. It is one of most beginner friendly course out there.

- @tseringdrokgyal5006

I saw DR editing as a maze of unknowns. Casey shined the light on so many solutions. He took the fear of failure away from me with his humor and ease of examples.

- @andywhiteing

Casey is amazing at explaining how to use resolve , if you are someone who doesn’t understand the terminology in editing , I highly recommend Casey Faris , he will get you motivated in learning more

- @shooterwhatup

This course is helping editors just like you to add dynamic animations to their Resolve projects!

Now it's your turn!

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Reguar Price $99  Now Only $27

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Chapter 01 - Getting Started

A heartfelt welcome and a guide to get you everything you need to start your Keyframing journey!  Here's you'll download the media and get set up to be a keyframe master!

VALUE: $9.99

Chapter 02 - Keyframe & Animation Fundamentals 

Keyframes can be so confusing!  Even if you're at the point of giving up, this guide will help you understand the big concepts of keyframes so you can start with a solid foundation.

VALUE: $9.99

Chapter 03 - Putting Keyframes to Work

So many people feel LOST when they start adding keyframes to their clips.  That's why we'll take baby steps to get you quickly moving elements around on the edit page, and you'll actually understand what you're doing!

VALUE: $9.99

Chapter 04 - How to Animate ANYTHING in the Edit Page

Keyframe Animation isn't just about moving text across the screen.  We'll dive into the best way to animate ANY PROPERTY for ANY CLIP, from zooms and rotations, to blurs and transparency.   This chapter will unlock your keyframe Kung Fu!

VALUE: $9.99

Chapter 05 - Smooth Out Your Animations with Easing!

Easing is the #1 area where we find students get confused and overwhelmed with animation.  Even if you swore to yourself "never again" on keyframes, we'll simplify easing so you'll be able to smooth out your animations to look natural!

VALUE: $9.99

Chapter 06 - Make A Classy & Fun Animated Title!

What's the point of learning about animation if you don't put it to use?  In this chapter we'll take everything we've learned and build a fun motion title from scratch.  This is a technique you can use for ANY project, even custom animations for clients!

VALUE: $9.99

BONUS 1 - Advanced Keyframing in Fusion

Once you get into animation in Resolve, it's just a matter of time before you're gonna start eying the Fusion page.  The Fusion page is a ROCKSTAR at animation.  It gives you a TON more control over the timing and easing of your animations.  We'll put all we've learned to work in the Fusion page to add a professional touch to any project.

VALUE: $29.99

BONUS 2 - Make a Pro Logo Animation in Fusion!

In this BONUS LESSON, we'll take a static logo, break it into parts, and animate it from scratch in Fusion.  Even if you're new to Fusion, you'll be able to use this skill to create custom animated intros and logo reveals for your Youtube channel, or for clients.

VALUE: $29.99


  • Fundamental lessons on the big concepts of¬†keyframes.¬†($9.99 Value)
  • Learn how to adjust keyframe timing to control the speed of your animations.¬†($9.99 Value)
  • Refine your animations with our guide to on-screen controls¬†($9.99 Value)
  • Create an animated title from scratch on the edit page!¬†($9.99 Value)
  • Discover how to smooth out your animations by easing keyframes like the pros.¬†($9.99 Value)
  • Downloadable royalty-free assets to follow along and use in your own projects! ($9.99 Value)
  • BONUS 1: Learn advanced keyframing in Fusion to take your animations to the next level! ($29.99 Value)
  • BONUS 2: Follow along guide to logo animation in Fusion ($29.99 Value)



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