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Create Hollywood Style Visual Effects in Fusion!

This DaVinci Resolve course unlocks your ability to make MOVIE MAGIC! 
  • Learn the basics of creating AWESOME visual effects in Fusion!

  • Discover professional techniques, for tracking, keying, and compositing 3D elements.

  • Understand complex node structures to create movie magic!

  • 2 COURSES IN 1: Basic and Advanced, so you can learn at your own pace!

Beginner - $249
Advanced - $249
Basic & Advanced Combo - $399
"This course was amazing! I learned so much about the Fusion page, I'm no longer intimidated by it. My videos look way better now, and I will definitely use the skills in the future. I 100% recommend this class!"

Luke B. - Ground Control Customer

Discover "WHY" not just "How"

It can be frustrating to just follow along with a tutorial and not know WHY you're changing a setting. None of that here. We'll explain the big ideas behind every step of the process.                                                                                                        

Master Compositing with Nodes

Whether you’re new to compositing to or just new to Fusion, we’ll cover the foundational concepts of creating amazing visual effects with Nodes. At the end of this course, you’ll feel comfortable making anything you can imagine.

Learn Pro Techniques

Use industry-standard techniques that show you the best ways to create professional composites in Fusion! From color management to advanced masking techniques, you’ll learn how the pros work.                                                                                                                                               

Create Magic

We’ll simplify the tools and techniques so you can concentrate on bringing your imagination to life. Make unbelievable composites that wow your viewers, all within DaVinci Resolve!


The Ultimate Guide to VFX in DaVinci Resolve!

PRO COMPOSITING & VFX IN FUSION was designed as the ULTIMATE compositing course for anyone who wants to learn to make magic in DaVinci Resolve!

It’s TWO COURSES of solid gold VFX wisdom, explained in plain language, so you can make awesome effects!

In the Beginner course, we’ll explore the foundations of working in the Fusion page, creating composites with Nodes, and start slowly to build a great base of knowledge and get you comfortable. From there, we’ll explore several projects to build on your VFX knowledge. Work on green screen, set extensions, and composite 3D renders into live-action footage!

In the ADVANCED course, we’ll jump right into making more complex shots. We’ll dive deep into advanced concepts like color management, node order, and pulling good mattes. We’ll explore best practices and time-saving techniques for making NEXT-LEVEL, detailed VFX shots. Learn how to pull high-quality green screen keys on shots that aren’t so easy. We’ll composite 3D renders, breaking out various render passes, and using each one to refine our images.

The teaching methods in this class have unlocked the creativity of thousands of students around the world.

If you want to make AMAZING VFX in DaVinci Resolve, we got you covered!

What Customers Say About Our Training


Casey makes it very easy to understand explaining all the concepts and going into each page of resolve in enough detail to understand how to use the software.


Gary L.

“Worth Every Penny.”

The course carefully guides you step-by-step through each component of DaVinci Resolve. There is something far more efficient about learning from a well-crafted course versus the hit-and-miss of YouTube grazing.


David B.

“Clear Explanations”

Easy to follow and a relaxed mood which helps with concentrating on what is important. Also, the discord is a really nice place if you have questions or want to share thoughts.


Sander J

Meet Your Instructor

Casey Faris has been teaching DaVinci Resolve for over 10 years. He’s worked in broadcast television, color graded short films and advertisements, and has been in the content creation trenches for about as long as Youtube has been a thing.

He got his start compositing in After Effects long long ago.  Casey was inspired to share every bit of knowledge he learned in a way that’s inspiring and entertaining.

Since Fusion was introduced in Resolve, Casey’s been looking into the best ways to create awesome visual effects and motion graphics inside of Resolve.

As a certified Resolve trainer, he's presented for Blackmagic Design at NAB, Vidcon, and ResolveCon.

Basic or Advanced? - Which Course Should I Choose?

We know it can be hard to choose what course to get, so here's a quick breakdown of our each course:


This class is great if you’re new to node-based compositing or just starting Fusion.

We go over the basics of how nodes work and the major concepts of combining images. We’ll cover the most common types of nodes in Fusion, when and where to use them, and some best practices to get great results.

The Basic Course Covers:

  • Basics of Fusion interface

  • Basics of compositing with nodes

  • Concepts of tracking, masks, animation and rotoscoping.

  • Introduction to color management

  • Planar tracking and cloning

  • Basic green screen

  • Intro to particles and 3D nodes

  • Color matching elements

  • Introduction to 3D render passes





Beginner - $249


This class is perfect if you’re familiar with the basics of Fusion.

We get into the details of making complex composites and VFX in Fusion. We’ll cover essential concepts of enhancing shots, fixing problems, and making beautiful images when things AREN’T so easy.                                                                                                                      

The Advanced Course Covers:

  • Advanced compositing mindset

  • Realistic screen replacements

  • Adding dust, reflections, and imperfections

  • In-depth color management

  • Advanced concepts like multiplication, concatenation, and matching grain

  • How to control elements with mattes

  • Linking nodes with expressions and custom tools

  • Extending Fusion with Reactor

  • Advanced green screen techniques

  • Importing 3D meshes, creating 3D text and scenes

  • 3D tracking and matchmoving techniques

  • Rebuilding 3D renders in Fusion from AOVs 


Advanced - $249

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Basic + Advanced Combo - $399

If we update this class for a new version of Resolve, you get the new content for FREE. That means little features, big features, and everything in between. This training GROWS with Resolve!

You keep learning and only pay ONCE. Sound fantastic? We think so too!

What to Expect

In this program, you’ll have access to an entire library of thoughtfully organized video lessons.

We’ll cover the most essential concepts for creating your OWN compositions in Fusion.

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Latest Updates:

5/1/23: USD Introduction Chapter - Added a chapter that dives into using USD nodes in Fusion.

4/25/23: 18.5 Updates - Added Updates for Resolve 18.5 including new OFX plugins and workflow improvements.

01/06/23 - Green Screen Update - Chapter added to Advanced course about compositing a “Badly Shot” green screen!

11/24/22 - First Release - Pro Compositing & VFX Courses Recorded in DaVinci Resolve 18 and 18.1


Learn the Basics of Fusion and get started making amazing VFX!

Beginner - $249


Explore next-level techniques for creating realistic composites

Advanced - $249

Save and Buy Together!

Basic + Advanced Combo - $399